In case of imminent endangerment of the environment, BALSA GmbH undertakes the projecting and realisation of measures for the protection / remediation of affected properties.



Project type:

The objective of this project is the removal and treatment of illegally deposited waste materials of upper calorific value according to the laws. The materials in question consist of preprocessed municipal and commercial waste, as well as preprocessed waste from construction sites, which were stored in a former warehouse. According to the underlying enforcement ruling, all in all 325.22 to of waste materials were cleared and transported to thermal treatment plants within 2 days.

Assignments of  BALSA by order of the district authorities of

  • planning groundwork
  • carrying out of tendering and award procedures
  • local supervision of works in progress
  • project management

This project has been completed in March 2009.

Donnerskirchen (aerial view)BALSA GmbHPrior to waste removalBALSA GmbHWork in progressBALSA GmbHCleared up siteBALSA GmbH

Photogallery Donnerskirchen

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