In case of imminent endangerment of the environment, BALSA GmbH undertakes the projecting and realisation of measures for the protection / remediation of affected properties.

Contaminated site ST1 “Lederer-Mellitzer tar factory”


Project type:

On this areal in the community of Stocking, factory equipment for the production of tar-products was based after World War II. For the storage of tar and tar-products, cellars and tar pits were erected. Due to the operation of the plant, subsoil and groundwater were contaminated with tar-products. In the course of rehabilitation measures in the 1960-ies, approx. 8.000 l creosote trickled into the ground during the removal of a vessel. In addition, it was found out, that the industrial well had been utilized for the absorption of overflowing tar-products and surface water. In 1990, tar was detected on the surface by the water surveillance authorities.

Remediation measures:

  • exploration of subsoil / registration and demarcation of
    contaminated underground areas
  • pre-excavation in the non-saturated zone
  • demolition of former tar-pits and underground structures
  • excavation of the contaminated subsoil by means of large diameter drillings
  • cleaning of pumped out water
  • disposal of excavation and demolition materials
  • backfilling / recultivation

Assignments of BALSA:

Complete realisation and carrying out of remediation measures:

  • basic engineering / planning of project-filing / detailed planning
  • design and carrying out of detailed exploration
  • engineering of remediation measures
  • carrying out of award procedures
  • all agenda in connection with project-management and project-steering

Closure of the project: December 2012

Lederer-Mellitzer tar factoryBALSA GmbHExcavation of tar-pitBALSA GmbHMassive contamination of soil, tar-barrelBALSA GmbHSoil replacement by means of large diameter drillingsBALSA GmbHSkimming of oil-phase (in the borehole)BALSA GmbHCompaction of the drilling areasBALSA GmbHRecultivated problem siteBALSA GmbH

Photo gallery contaminated site ST1 “Lederer-Mellitzer tar factory”

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