In case of imminent endangerment of the environment, BALSA GmbH undertakes the projecting and realisation of measures for the protection / remediation of affected properties.


For the ongoing project development, the company has a professional team of specialists with relevant expertise in the fields of environmental and construction technology, waste management as well as environmental and tendering legislation and laws. Essential works of planning and project management are put through by BALSA. In the process of realisation of rehabilitation projects, BALSA in many cases acts as orderer resp. master of the works

DI Martin Schuster
DI Dr. Michael Zorzi
Kaspar Bomatter
Ing. Johannes Czeczil
DI Wolfgang Czerny
DI Herbert Haunschmied
DI Daniela Jäger
Stefan Koch, B.Sc.
DI Helmut Krug
DI Gerald Luschin
Stefanie Weber, B.Sc.
Mag. Jirina Rady
Laws, Tendering Justice

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