In case of imminent endangerment of the environment, BALSA GmbH undertakes the projecting and realisation of measures for the protection / remediation of affected properties.

Contaminated site ST7 “Gärtnerei Thianich”


Project type:

Up to the beginning of the 1980s, the “Gärtnerei Thianich” was located on this plot of land at the east end of the municipality of Zettling. The company´s equipment included a heating house and a mineral oil stock. On the areal of the former heating system, contaminations of the underground were detected. In the 1970s, oil ingresses into the nearby well happened. In 1992, the contaminated subsoil was partially trenched. Part of the contaminated soil was stored on the site wrapped in polyethene sheets.

Remediation measures:

  • disposal of temporarily stored, contaminated excavation materials
  • exploration of subsoil / registration and demarcation of contaminated underground areas
  • clearance of contaminated subsoil (esp. groundwater fluctuation range)
  • disposal of excavation materials
  • backfilling / recultivation

Assignments of BALSA:

Complete realisation and carrying out of remediation measures:

  • basic engineering / planning of project-filing / detailed planning
  • design and carrying out of detailed exploration
  • engineering of remediation measures
  • carrying out of tendering and award procedures
  • all agenda in connection with project management and project steering

Closure of the project: December 2008

Gärtnerei Thianich (areal view)BALSA GmbHPrior to remediationBALSA GmbHExcavation WorksBALSA GmbHExcavation Ground WaterBALSA GmbHOverview Excavation areaBALSA GmbHInterim Storage of excavation materialBALSA GmbHSite after remediationBALSA GmbH

Photo gallery contaminated site ST7 “Gärtnerei Thianich”

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