In case of imminent endangerment of the environment, BALSA GmbH undertakes the projecting and realisation of measures for the protection / remediation of affected properties.

Contaminated site N16 “Tuttendorfer Breite”

Lower Austria

Project type:

On this area south of Korneuburg, a mineral oil refinery was run from 1927 to 1961. Mainly because of bomb attacks during World War II, the factory equipment was severely damaged. Due to this, large quantities of mineral oil and mineral oil products soaked into the underground, which as a consequence contaminated the subsoil as well as the groundwater. Nowadays, the larger part of the area has been built on with warehouses and traffic areas.

Remediation measures:

Rehabilitation of the site by

  • Refurbishment of the site through an underground seal wall and defined flow throughputs with installed filter materials for the groundwater (funnel & gate system),
  • sinking rehabilitation wells for the suction of mineral oil,
  • treatment of the contaminated subsoil by using in-situ biological
    decontamination procedures,
  • operation and surveillance of the remediation measures for a period of approx. 15 years.

Assignments of BALSA:

Complete realisation and management of remediation measures:

  • conceptual planning / project-filing / detailed planning
  • planning and management of detailed exploration
  • planning of remediation measures
  • carrying out of award procedures
  • all sub-tasks of project management and project steering

contaminated site N16 “Tuttendorfer Breite”BALSA GmbHMaking of slotted wallBALSA GmbHDelivery of filter elementBALSA GmbHInstallation of filter elementBALSA GmbHFilter chamber of a gate, filled with activated carbonBALSA GmbHOil phase floating on surface of groundwaterBALSA GmbHSuction of floating oil phaseBALSA GmbHHot spot excavation – Groundwater surface contaminated with oilBALSA GmbHGroundwater treatment by means of oil separatorsBALSA GmbHWell for oil suctionBALSA GmbH

Photo gallery contaminated site N16 “Tuttendorfer Breite”

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