Team of experts.


For the ongoing project development, the company has a professional team of specialists with relevant expertise in the fields of environmental and construction technology, waste management as well as environmental and tendering law. Essential planning and project management is carried out by BALSA. In the process of realising rehabilitation projects, BALSA in many cases acts as the client or builder. In particular, the following services are provided:




planung ausschreibung

Planning and public tendering

of necessary exploratory measures in connection with variant investigations regarding possible protective and remediation measures at contaminated sites – particularly with regard to those which fall under the jurisdiction of the government according to Section 18 AlSAG Federal Law Gazette (BGBl) 299/1989.



Einreichung von Projekten

Submitting projects

Acting as a legal entity or applicant for permits during the process of submitting projects.



Sicherung Sanierungsmaßnahmen

Protection and rehabilitation measures

Drafting of submission projects, detailed planning, tendering and award of necessary services for the implementation of protection and rehabilitation measures..



Durchführung Projektmanagement

Project handling

Carrying out of project management resp. project steering as well as local supervision of works during the course of project handling.



Planung und Baustellenkoordination

Performance of services

of a planning and construction site coordinator in accordance with the relevant laws (Bauarbeitenkoordinationsgesetz Federal Law Gazette (BGBl) I No. 37/1999).



Laufende Nachsorge

Aftercare measures

Implementation, supervision resp. commissioning of ongoing aftercare measures.





of rehabilitated real estate, etc.