Remediation of sites – for restoring the environment to health




BUNDESALTLASTENSANIERUNGSGES.M.B.H. (BALSA GmbH) was founded in November 2004 as a 100% subsidiary of Umweltbundesamt GmbH (UBA GmbH).

The primary assignment of BALSA consists in the disposal of existing endangerments for the environment which arise from various locations – so called sites – on which pollutants have been set free by commercial and industrial use. These operations represent an essential contribution towards the protection of habitats in urban and rural areas.

On the one hand, “site” is defined as the disposal of waste (be it authorised or not). On the other hand, it describes locations of factory equipment where materials, hazardous to the environment, have been used. These materials have contaminated the soil and the groundwater and therefore represent a considerable danger for the health of people or for the environment.

In Austria, a remarkable number of sites have been located whose perpetrators cannot be called to account any more. In these cases, BALSA GmbH carries out the necessary remediation measures.


In addition to that, BALSA also offers consultancy services for federal administrative agencies and local communities, as well as for private individuals – especially concerning the execution of vacations and clearances commanded by the authorities


BALSA GmbH consists of a team of professional specialists, including the fields of environmental and construction technology, waste management as well as environmental and tendering legislation and laws.